Tommi Orchards by PVII

Sutherland Elementary School

10015 S. Leavitt Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643

773- 535-2621 fax


Eric Steinmiller

Regina M. Roberts
Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Ms. Cira
Case Manager
IB coordinator

Ms. Rose Pickett
School Clerk


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Welcome to our Photo Gallery!

We are so glad that you are visiting the Sutherland School Photo Gallery. To view a gallery, use the menu to the left. In each gallery, you will be given a choice of which year you would like to view.

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You can add photos to our gallery!

We welcome all photos of school activities. The photo guidelines set by Ms. Gannon request that any child in a photo should not be able to be clearly identified. Please send candid group shots only, no photos of individual children.

Please submit photos with a brief description, inlcuding: Name, date, and location of the event.

Photos are submitted to our webmaster at

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